Frequently Asked Questions
What is ARX?
ARX is a company building tools and products to enable User Owner Identity (a.k.a. Self-Sovereign Identity). We're starting with a Social Recovery Vault that makes it easy to store highly valued secrets and digital assets. We want to make it easy, safe, and secure to recover those secrets in the event of an emergency or loss of access.
We're also building a platform for enterprises to leverage user owned identity to increase security, access controls, and operational efficiency. The goal is to ultimately prevent social engineering attacks and surface area of exposure for sensitive assets.
What is Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)?
From Self-Sovereign Identity Chapter 1:
Self-sovereign identity—commonly abbreviated SSI—is a new model for digital identity on the internet: i.e., how we prove who we are to the websites, services, and apps with which we need to establish trusted relationships to access or protect private information. Driven by new technologies and standards in cryptography, distributed networks, cloud computing, and smartphones, SSI is a paradigm shift for digital identity similar to other technology paradigm shifts: for example, the shift from keyboard-driven user interfaces (e.g., MS-DOS) to graphical user interfaces (e.g., Windows, Mac, iOS), or the shift from dumb phones to smartphones.
SSI is an evolution of the identity layer of the internet, it will enable a more secure, private, and trustful internet. It is based on Public-Key Cryptography, you and only you control and own your private key. The world will know you by your public key, and only you can prove ownership of the private key. This makes it so that your identity is not tied to a centralized authority (single point of failure).
In other words (also from Chapter 1):
A person's identity that is neither dependent on nor subjected to any other power or state
What is a Verifiable Credential (VC)?
A Verifiable Credential (VC) is a digital credential that establishes a trusted relationship between an Issuer and a Holder. It is a premitive that is used across the SSI ecosystem. A VC can be any of the following:
  • Access Authorization
  • Membership Card
  • Passport
  • College Degree
  • Drivers License
  • Health Record
An Issuer (person or organization) will issue a VC by generating a credential and cryptographically signing it. The credentials can be used by the holder to prove a relationship with the issuer to a verifier. For example, a College Degree held by Alice, issued by a university, and verified by a potential employer.
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