Trust and Privacy starts with controlling your digital keys!
ARX Vault and ARX Digital Agent coming soon!
Your Keys
Your Identity
Self-Custody, no entity has access to your keys. True digital ownership and control.
Add individuals or entities and assign roles to restore access.
Zero Trust
Digital agent for encrypted communication and data storage.
Securely add and manage contacts for trusted and private connections.
Extended Private
Use Cases
Digital agent for encrypted communication and data storage.
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How does it work?
ARX Vault
Generate Keys / Digital Identity
A random seed is generated and stored in the ARX Vault. This seed is used in a deterministic key generation algorithm to generate a signing key pair (Ed25519), and an encryption key pair (X25519). The public key of the signing key pair is your digital identity, and can be used as a decentrialized ID (or DID).

Example DID:

The signing key is used to verify your identity, while the encryption key is used by others to send you encrypted messages.
Securely Manage Contacts
Built with security and ease-of-use in mind. With ARXsky you can assign trusted guardians to call on when you need to recover digital keys, secrets, or assets.
Custom Recovery Schemes
Create recovery schemes that leverage threshold cryptography. For example choose 5 "guardians", such as trusted family and friends, and require 3 of them to recover your keys.

In case of loss of access, you can recover your keys by calling on 3 of your trusted guardians.

In the future we'll enable setup of hardware tokens, time-based, payment based, or compute-based unlock requirements.
ARX Digital Agent
Zero Trust Proxy
The ARX Digital Agent, whether by ARX, or self-hosted, is a zero trust proxy for encrypted communication and data storage. It acts as a blind intermediary between you and others. It is primarly used to store and share encrypted data, to communicate with others, and to look up your public key (to establish initial contact).

Note, some use cases may need to break the zero-trust model if the agent is taking action on yoru part. However it can and will maintain security, trust, and non-repudiation.
Interoperable & Extensible
The protocol to interface with ARX users and agents is open and interoperable. Developers and service providers will be able to create custom applications and integrations. For example for secure ticket issuance, for managing a ledger, running a vote, and more.
User Control & Data Portability
All data can be exported or migrated at any time. Setup a Digital Agent on a competing service provider or self-host. You can purchase a lifetime license for self-hosted agents, there is no lock-in.
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